System Assembly


I currently offer a service to assemble and configure computer systems, be they HTPC, Desktop, or Server machines. Prices vary greatly by type and use case. Some purchasers may see prices as low as $300 peripherals (Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard) included, as well as an operating system installed. Turnaround may be as soon as one week (ground shipping) or four days (overnight) based upon order date and time. When a request is finalized and an order prepared, components will not be ordered until the entire price of the quote for the system has been paid.

Order Styles

Customers may place a variety of order styles. Customers may simply provide a use case (i.e. HTPC, internet only, etc.), or customers may provide exact (or loose) specifications (I.e. 500GB HDD, 2.5Ghz CPU, Dual core, etc.) For all orders it is recommended to place a maximum budget, in order to get the most reliable quote to fit the criteria.


Systems may be ordered with a variety of options placed on the specifications. Customers may place a preference of Processor Type (Intel or AMD), Operating System (Windows, or Linux, or a selection of Linux OS), and form factor (Full Tower, Mid Tower, Mini-Tower, etc.) are the most common ones.

Date Restrictions

Assembly of products will only be handled on Weekends. (Saturday and Sunday) Shipping of assembled systems will be handled on Mondays.


The cost of the assembly of a system is fairly simple: the cost of the components added to the cost of shipping (both for purchase of the components and for shipment of the final product) and a small labour charge. (Quite small.) The labour charge is not by the hour but by the system.


Orders have three shipment options: Ground, Two Day, or One Day. These options do not mean the system will ship 1-3 days after order, but that components will be shipped with that option, and the system will be shipped with that option on the Monday following the completion of the assembly of the system.


Payment will be accepted via Paypal or check. If paying by check the ordering process for components will not begin until the check deposits. Paypal orders will result in immediate ordering of components.

Get a Quote

To receive a quote simply submit an email to Emails will be responded to within 24 hours.