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Phone: 419 388 0546
Email: elliott.brown@evbpc.com

Email is the most efficient/effective way to get in contact with me, as I do have a full-time job where I am unable to answer my phone during the day. If you do prefer to call, it is preferred to leave a voice-mail prior to noon, and I will attempt to call you back between 12:00 noon, and 12:30 Eastern Daylight Time.

Code Sources and Contact Information

Code and modification sources are available to prospective employers upon request. To request code/sources for any project, send an email to elliott.brown[at]evbpc.com from a company email, with the name of the company and a website the company can be found at, as well as a description of the position and what sources you would like. If your request is a response to an application the description of the position is not required should it be the same position that the application was submitted for. No-reply emails will be rejected.